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My passion for languages and foreign cultures was sparked in my youth by using every opportunity to get to know new languages and taking part in every student exchange that came up to me. So it came about that even before I turned 18, I visited two of the world's largest cities: New York and Moscow. These trips were decisive experiences for me, which have had a massive impact on my further professional career. This not only strengthened my passion for languages and cultures, it was also clear to me that these two components should mark my professional success.

So after my voluntary social year, which I completed in the association for the blind and visually impaired HH eV, I started training as a commercial assistant specializing in foreign languages. By focusing on several foreign languages as one of the main focuses of the training, I discovered my love for the French language, which triggered the decision to travel and work through France as a backpack tourist six months after my training. On these trips I have had a lot of formative experiences that only strengthened my Francophilia. I was very fascinated by the French culture and way of life, some of which are very different to German culture. If the two countries are important partners in the EU, they couldn't be more different: in their thinking, in their actions, in their philosophy of life, but also in their business areas.

So I was looking for a course that combined these two components: language and culture and my beloved France. I found what I was looking for at Saarland University with a degree in French cultural studies and intercultural communication. Since the workload wasn't quite enough for me, I started to attend courses in the postgraduate course in German as a foreign language. But then the day came when my compulsory semester abroad in French-speaking countries was to begin. I was lucky enough to find an internship at the Goethe-Institut in Lille, northern France. I worked there every day in the film office and organized all the film events in the entire Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. During this time I fell in love with France and did not return to Germany for many years, but instead finished my studies in France.
After I had finished my internship and studies I started to work as a freelance DAF lecturer and in the commercial area, in which German and English were urgently needed. I also gave private German lessons or, as part of my freelance work, German courses in companies and prepared young people for the Goethe certificate. During my studies and especially in the final phase, ie in the examination phase, a political interest developed in addition to my interests in culture and language. At first this focused on the Franco-German partnership and history in Europe. Later, when I started my doctorate, it should also include European politics.

In 2010 I decided to move to Luxembourg to write my doctoral thesis over a four-year project. I examined the Luxembourg state system and the influence of increasing Europeanization on it and its civil servants. I traveled a lot between Luxembourg and Brussels and talked to various civil servants at national and European level, that is to say at the Luxembourg permanent representation in Brussels.

After completing my doctoral thesis, I devoted my time to the Germany-wide doctoral network Thesis eV, in which I took over the position of managing director for 1 year and helped to maintain the network among doctoral students and to gain first insights into leadership management. I expanded my skills through a subsequent year in a communal family center, during which I took care of project funding and drafted project applications for the facility.

When the political landscape of Germany was dominated by the wave of refugees from Syria in 2015 and 2016 and the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees kept desperately looking for German teachers, I decided to help, as teaching the German language had always given me a lot of joy and drew me in the vicinity of Kaiserslautern. Since January 2017 I have been teaching German as a foreign language at various educational institutions in and around Kaiserslautern. Since 2018 I have also been giving French courses at the adult education center in Kaiserslautern. I am also a TELC examiner for the German test for immigrants and for levels B1 and B2. I also take part in many advanced training courses in the DAF area, including the alpha qualification, and am finishing my postgraduate course in German as a foreign language at Saarland University, which I started during my studies.



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